Vasudha Jha April 12, 2024 2 min read 266 words

Hello there! I’m Vasudha, and I stumbled into software engineering by accident. Unlike those who start coding as kids, I chose Computer Science in college because — let’s face it — Indian parents expect engineering or medicine, and CS sounded the least daunting (spoiler: it wasn’t).

Despite doing well academically (yes, I was a straight-A student), my real coding journey began with an internship in my final year, diving into frontend development with HTML, CSS, and Angular JS (no, I do not mean Angular; yes, that dates me a bit). After graduating, I jumped into a brand new field, enterprise iOS development, where I worked on a Mac and used an iPhone for testing (it was considered quite cool back then). However, I did not find it very fulfilling, which pushed me to pursue a master’s in CS. I explored areas that were new to me like blockchain development and product security through exciting projects, and I enjoyed them.

I eventually took a full-time position at a university after my master’s, where I wore multiple hats: backend engineer, frontend engineer, and DevOps engineer, as I was the only software engineer for the entire department. It was chaotic but fun. Ultimately, DevOps, cloud, and backend engineering captured my interest the most. I blog here not just to share knowledge but to document and revisit my own learning journey. While I suspect my audience might be small (or imaginary), I hope my posts help others as much as they help me reminisce and learn.

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