Python Basics

Dictionary Comprehensions in Python

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Slicing Through Sequences In Python

One of the easiest ways to extract a subset of elements from an iterable in Python is by applying the concept of slicing. In this post, let's understand how we can slice through any iterable, i.e, strings, lists or tuples in order to carve out a subset!

Improve Code Readability With Keyword Arguments In Python

One of the simplest ways of making Python code more readable is by replacing positional arguments in function calls with named or keyword arguments. Let's explore how we can do that in this post!

Working With Nested Data Types In Python

Python comes with a lot of built-in data types like lists, sets, tuples, and dictionaries and because of its simplicity, Python makes it very easy to work with these data types. In this post, I will discuss how to nest these data types to create sophisticated types for managing data.